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Metabond Universal is a modern metal surface finisher which significantly reduces friction and improves lubrication for a wide range of oil-lubricated machines, engines and equipment. It is recommended for all new and used oil-lubricated equipment where friction and wear reduction are required.
In most equipment 25% of energy used is lost due to friction. This friction loss is reduced by Metabond Universal by 60%.
The new generation Metabond supplements lubricating oil with state-of-the-art ash-free metal surface finisher and lubricants, and reaches all the places where friction may occur.

In combustion engines, the rate of toxic gases as a proportion of emission gases is reduced. In addition, oil consumption is also significantly reduced, and compression is increased.

First and foremost, Metabond chemically improves the metal surface finish. As a result it provides ideal conditions for the oil film, thereby significantly increasing the lifespan of the equipment. State-of-the-art lubricants added to the cutting-edge ash-free metal surface finisher ensure safe lubrication. This facilitates the inner workings of the engine and the movement of parts, which entails an increase in engine output and fuel saving. Lifespan is tripled when used continuously in new equipment.

By entering into a chemical reaction with metals, Metabond tempers their materials when pressurised. The resulting micron-thick, extremely hard protective layer withstands damage caused by friction, and provides ideal conditions for lubricating oils, even under extreme loads. Due to the significantly reducing friction, the operating temperature and noise level immediately and noticeably decrease.

Since Metabond Universal integrates into metals rubbing against each other, and tempers their materials, it eliminates cold-start problems, and offers protection for a certain period in case of partial oil starvation or loss of full oil pressure. It can be mixed with all synthetic and mineral based lubricating oils. Oil treated with Metabond Universal retains its lubrication quality longer, reducing the need for oil changes and minimising the effect upon the environment.

If used properly, there will be no negative effects on the equipment.

Field of application:
It is a multipurpose product, adding it to the lubricant it is used for the oil lubrication of combustion engines (petrol, diesel, gas), manual switches, gears, differentials, industrial equipment and small machines. It can also be mixed with greases. It can be used anywhere where friction reduction is required.
To achieve special results, it can also be mixed into the petrol fuel of combustion engines, however, this is recommended only after experimental tests.

It does not require skill or tools, simply add it to the fresh mineral or synthetic lubricating gear oil in a ratio of 5 to 10. It is not designed for single use; preferably use Metabond Universal during each oil change in the same ratio. The mixing ratio is also 5-10% for post-treatment. It is assumed that an oil of the required quality is applied.
The mixing ratio is 2-6 ml/1 litre petrol if it is added to petrol. It cannot be mixed with two-stroke engine oil in itself, therefore always add it to the petrol or the ready mixture.

Origin: EU
Packing units: 250 ml, 5 litres

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 20 cm


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