Metabond oil additives are environmentally, friendly high-quality metal surface finishers, developed to increase the lifetime of the engine, transmission, hydraulics, differential. Due to nano-sized polyceramic and other state of the art components, the inner friction and harmful emissions of the engines significantly reduces, at the same time performance improvement and fuel economy is achieved

Welcome to Metabond, the top-end product developed for 21st century motoring. Our products help reduce maintenance needs and diminish the environmental impact of your machinery, making them a sustainable choice. At Metabond, we believe in creating a symbiotic relationship between the planet and a progressing economy.

We understand that lubrication technology, also known as tribology, is the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion. It includes the study and application of the principles of friction, lubrication, and wear. Unfortunately, 25% of the world’s generated energy is lost due to friction, which would be enough to cover Europe’s energy consumption. This is where Metabond comes in. Our metal surface finishing product line can reduce frictional losses by up to 60%, while also complying with the most stringent environmental regulations.

Metabond strictly uses the latest and most advanced lubricity enhancing additive packages combined with high standard low saps metal surface finishers and, in some cases, nanoceramics. These materials are made to high-end standards and are specifically manufactured for this field. Our products ensure that our users experience a sense of responsibility, honesty, and sincere heartfelt love that has continuously been an integral part of our brand since 1986.

At Metabond, we believe that lubrication is not just about reducing friction and wear. Modern motor oils must also have the qualities of pumpability, high and low temperature stability, resistance against oxidation, preventing sludge formation and sedimentation, compatibility with seals, protection against corrosion, preventing foaming, good heat conduction, and miscibility with other oils. Our products achieve all these qualities by adding different kinds of additives to the base oils.

Our goal is to provide a unique product and maintain a competitive edge in the market. We ensure this by using only premium materials and additives developed in line with the latest lubrication technology. Unlike other lubricating oil manufacturers, we strictly use these substances to enhance the performance of our products, ensuring that our end-users are happy and satisfied.

Despite the effectiveness of our products, some sectors such as the energy sector, car industry, manufacturing industries, lubricant manufacturers, auto service centers, or the industry itself may openly deny it. The simple explanation for this is that in many aspects, our interests differ. However, we believe in sharing our products’ mentality with our potential customers.

Thank you for choosing Metabond. We invite you to explore our products and join us in creating a sustainable future for the planet and a progressing economy.