Metabond CL Supercleaner


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High-tech scavenge oil for petrol, diesel and gas engines, switchgears and differential gears.

Due to its special solvent components it removes resin deposits and contaminants from the lubricating system, and thereby increases the engine output, the compression and the lifetime of the catalyst. With its use the oil and fuel consumptions reduce. No harmful engine acid remains, which would damage the fresh oil. It dissolves solid deposits (carbonates), and keeps them in a fluid state until the used oil leaves the engine compartment. Thus it cannot lead to occlusion in small cross-section oil bores, unlike other cheap scavengers. The majority of commercially available petroleum based scavengers cannot be compared to the modern, uniquely efficient and damage-free product of top quality, Metabond CL. In worn engines the compression per cylinder increases, or even is balanced with its use. No unbeneficial changes may occur in the machines in case of proper use.

Field of application:
Slightly or more worn petrol, diesel, gas, Wankel and turbo engines, switchgears, differential gears, drive gears in racing sport and a number of industrial fields (railways, navigation, power plants, etc.)

Pour the contents of Metabond CL scavenger flask (250 ml) to the still hot oil to be replaced, then run the engine for 10 to 15 minutes. The contents of the flask is sufficient for the scavenging of engines with 5 to 8 litre of oil fill in cars. The contents of the flask must be added to 10 to 15 litre of oil to be replaced in utility cars. The less the ratio of Metabond CL and engine oil, the longer the engine must be run within the interval of 10 to 15 minutes, before the oil change. Subsequently the oil and the oil filter must be replaced according to the instruction.
Recommended to use every third oil change
Packaging units: 250 ml

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