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Metabond Drill is a multipurpose metal surface finisher and anti-wear cutting liquid free from ash and chlorine.
Even without heat and pressure, Metabond Drill improves surface finish, although its effectiveness significantly increases as a result of friction and pressure. Metabond combines chemically with the metal molecules creating an exceptionally hard, smooth and wear-resistant surface, which withstands damage from friction even under extreme loads. It removes moisture, salty contaminants and oxidation layers from the treated surface, protecting it against rust and corrosion. It is not flammable, so is safe to use in potentially hazardous areas.
It contains a combination of sulphur and phosphorus which keeps surfaces exceptionally hard for various tools (lathes, drills, blades etc.). This in turn makes the processed surface smoother and more precise, and significantly increases the lifespan of the tools.
Field of application:
It is excellent alone or mixed into an emulsion for the processing of yellow metals, aluminium alloys, all types of carbon steel, stainless steel and titanium alloys. It is also excellent for drilling, hollowing, honing, deep-drawing, cold rolling, tube drawing, profile making and form removal.
The range of applications is very wide: tools, locks, valves, guns, hoists, pneumatic devices, angling, air hammers, bicycles, blocks, hinges, chain-saws, riveters, fastening units, thread cutters, cold-stamping dies, compound dies, carburettor linkages, motorcycles, augers, screw taps, metal drawing and pressing machines, sawing, drilling, etc…
Mix Metabond Drill at 5%-50% rate for an emulsion. Perform operational tests for solubility, compatibility, the necessary concentration, ensuring the viscosity correct.
If it is used alone then apply Metabond Drill using a pump nozzle (supplemented with an extension tube if necessary) on the surface to be treated in the required and necessary volume.
It can be used simultaneously with oils or greases.

Origin: EU
Packing units: 250 ml pump flasks, 5 litre cans

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