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Metabond H Plus is an anti-wear metal surface treatment, specifically designed for hydraulic equipment. It is an excellent anti-friction agent and an extremely effective lubricant. Added to the manufacturer’s recommended lubricating oil, it can be used to treat both new and used hydraulic equipment, and has spectacular results within a short time.
By entering into chemical reaction with metals, the new generation Metabond H Plus tempers their materials when pressurised. The result is an exceptionally hard and smooth surface which will not be damaged by friction, even under extreme loads. Due to considerably lower friction and the minimisation of wear the lifespan of machines significantly increase, performance improves and they become more efficient. By using this product the operational temperature, noise level and vibration are also notably reduced.

In addition to this, Metabond H Plus contains excellent lubricants which are specially designed for hydraulic systems. What is more, oil consumption is reduced in hydraulic systems provided with sealing rings, and the sealing rings will become more flexible and adaptable. Triple lifespan is guaranteed when used continuously in new equipment.

In oil hydraulic systems, using Metabond H Plus allows higher system pressure without “vibration”. Smoother operation and reduced friction result most often in lower operational costs and increased production with lower energy demands and less maintenance and downtime.

There are no negative effects on the machines if the product is used appropriately.
Field of application:
Metabond H Plus should be used in moving hydraulic equipment and continuously operating machines with high speed, load and temperature. Its use is also recommended for mechanical tools, hydraulic systems, injection machines and compactors, where rotating blades or piston pumps are used. It is very efficient in robotics.
Its use does not require skill or tools, simply add it in a ratio of 3 to 6% to mineral or synthetic based hydraulic oils. It is assumed that an oil of the required quality is applied.
Perform a mixing test in the case of special hydraulic oils!
Shelf-life: Unlimited storage period if it is not opened. 2 years after opening.
Origin: EU
Packing units: 250 ml, 5 litres

Metabond H+ Safety Sheet

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