Metabond – the opportunity of the future

25% of the world’s generated energy is lost due to friction. It is shocking! Energy use is immeasurably growing from year to year, just like energy loss resulting from friction.

What can we do?  The solution is: to reduce friction! The researchers of the worlds started dealing with this challenge already in the 50s.  They have developed the first generation of friction-reducing agents, which create very smooth surfaces when applied on metal surfaces, and thereby reduce friction. The 2nd generation of lubricants solves the problem with the addition of lubricating oils, however, the 3rd generation of friction-reducing agents developed on the threshold of the space era, Metabond was the real breakthrough.

METABOND is a product, which changes and tempers metal surfaces sliding on and rubbing against each other due to its extraordinary properties without affecting the quality of the lubricants. So it is not an additive, but is a completely new thing called: surface finisher.

Entering into chemical reaction with metals METABOND tempers their materials when pressurised.  The resulting extraordinarily hard and very smooth surface resists damages caused by friction even under extreme loads. The resulting surfaces provide ideal terms for lubricating oils (due to their smoothness the contacting surfaces are easy to separate with the use of a homogeneous oil film), and significantly reduce the friction of metals. Its environment friendly behaviour is proved by a set of tests.

The METABOND Distribution Network was created for the marketing of METABOND products, which is currently present with exclusive rights in 2 countries with 5000 workers.  Our workers are engaged in marketing as self-employed entrepreneurs, and receive their accountings monthly on the basis of the contents of the Carrier Chart of Workers and the rules of Multilevel Marketing (MLM), and their commissions are paid against invoices. The number of the membership is continuously increasing, and only in Hungary the staff of MTH exceeds 2000. Beyond the two central offices (Győr, Budapest) nearly 20 contracted warehouses of Metabond Magyarország Kft provide constant supply for our workers and buyers in Hungary. An exclusive importer operates abroad, who has his own warehouse system.

If you buy METABOND, you will be not only an owner of a surface finisher. You can benefit from a service provided by more than one thousand product distributors of the Metabond Distribution Network: customised consulting and service provision, supply of updated information, fantastic possibilities.
Protect your environment, and enjoy the benefits offered by our products and business possibilities!