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Metabond BIKE is a one of a kind bearing and chain lubricant made specifically for bicycles, sports equipment, and is used in other industrial and domestic areas. Metabond BIKE’s exceptional metal finishing qualities drastically reduce friction and provide an easy glide. The added ceramics provide ideal conditions for the moving parts even when there is a lack of oil. Its outstanding cohesion properties facilitate film lubrication and also keeps the surfaces clean.*
Field of application:
It is a perfect lubricant on its own or mixed together with grease or oil. Ideal for use in cycling, skateboarding, and other industrial and domestic areas, where high RPM doesn’t occur. It is not suitable for lubricating motorbike chains on a long term basis.
Shake well before use ensuring that the ceramics mix evenly, then apply a few drops to the surface you wish to treat. Warm slightly in cold weather to make sure it becomes fluid. A resistance test must be done if used on plastic parts! It can be used simultaneously with grease or oil.
Origin: EU

Packing units: 120 ml plastic dispenser bottle.

*When used under normal circumstances

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